September 12, 2014

Highland Wind asks for extra time on Wisconsin project

09/11/2014 | By Barry Cassell, Chief Analyst | GenerationHub |

Highland Wind Farm LLC, citing project delays due to a legal appeal, on Sept. 10 asked the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin for a two-year extension on a construction start deadline.

The commission had approved this 102.5-MW project in October 2013, with that approval now under appeal. The project would be located in the towns of Forest and Cylon in St. Croix County, Wisc.

The letter is signed by William Rakocy (414-491-0852), the managing member of EEW Services LLC and the manager of Highland Wind Farm.

The commission of Wisconsin had in December 2013 rejected a rehearing request from the town of Forest related to the commission’s October approval of the project. The commission on Oct. 25 had granted a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to Highland Wind Farm, after initially rejecting the application earlier in the year. The developer then fixed the problems identified by the commission and won the Oct. 25 approval. On Nov. 14, the town of Forest asked for reconsideration and rehearing.

“The Town raises a variety of issues in support of its motions,” the commission said in its Dec. 20 rejection. “None of them are a sufficient basis for reconsideration or rehearing.”

In December 2011, Highland Wind Farm filed with the commission an application for a CPCN to construct a new wind facility. The project includes construction of up to 44 wind turbines, depending on the turbine model selected, and associated facilities to interconnect with the existing Northern States Power-Wisconsin electric transmission system in the area. The construction start deadline is currently one year from the Oct. 25, 2013, commission approval date.

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