September 2, 2014
Northern Ireland

Turbines ‘are not wanted’

Wednesday, 3 September 2014 |

Concerns have been raised over the proposals to build wind turbines on the Council Road and Carginagh Road areas of Kilkeel.
Work has already begun on the Council Road site but residents claim that they were not informed of where the 150ft high turbine would be erected despite the approval of planning permission.
Councillor Henry Reilly, along with Councillor Brian Quinn, proposed a notice of motion at last night’s (Monday) Newry and Mourne Council meeting stating: “That this council opposes proposals to erect massive wind turbines on the Carginagh Road, Kilkeel.”
Councillor Reilly (pictured below, close to the site for the wind turbines, which he says will mar the iconic view of the Mournes) expressed his fears of what these turbines could bring to the residential areas of the two Kilkeel roads.
“These massive machines devalue properties in the area, interfere with mobile phone signals, cause very significant noise pollution and create a phenomena known as ‘flicker’ that is very disturbing to people when the sun is shining through the blades on the turbines.
“I am not totally opposed to wind turbines and if farmers can make a pound out of them I can understand why they would want them located on their property, but the Carginagh Road with its iconic views of the Mournes that have been a favourite with landscape artists for generations, is the wrong place to put them.
“I have a couple of wind turbines close to me and they don’t annoy me one bit but they are well placed.
“I am also concerned that a massive 150 feet high turbine has already been passed at the Council Road area and I am calling on the Planning Service to withdraw this planning approval as people living close to it are stating that they were never consulted, despite the impact it will have on their lives.
“I have a notice of motion on this issue going to the council’s monthly meeting and I hope to receive support for this from across the political spectrum.”

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