August 27, 2014

Community leaders, landowners speak to council about annexation proposal

August 26, 2014 |

CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) – City Council heard from landowners in the Chapman Ranch area who are protesting the City’s proposed annexation of 16 square miles in their neighborhood Tuesday. The City’s goal is to try and halt development of a proposed 30,000-acre wind farm.

Council heard from dozens of residents and community leaders, most of whom were in favor of annexation. Many felt that the wind farm would stop city growth and development, negatively impact Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi operations and interrupt commercial radio and television broadcast signals.

A direct descendant of the founder of Chapman Ranch also appeared before council – Louise Chapman, who was once married to John Chapman, the founder’s son.

“His father, J.R. Chapman, ran most of the ranch initially,” Louise Chapman said. “Then later, the land was divided among the individual owners.”

Chapman appeared with several other landowners who said the City was trampling the rights of private citizens with the proposed annexation.

“I just think it’s wrong. It is so far from the current city limits. There is so much land between the edge of the city that could be developed. I think the City could devote itself to the undeveloped areas of the city,” Chapman said. “I think it could be a very expensive use of tax dollars to proceed with annexation.”

Council will conduct a first reading on the annexation on Sept. 16, with a final vote on Sept. 23.

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