August 20, 2014
Letters, Ohio

Beware wind farm promises

The Daily Reflector | August 20, 2014 |

Greenwich, Ohio, Wind Park – a scam if every there was one. They are proclaiming that they will be a boon to our community and to the landowners that they have targeted. But it’s interesting that there is a gag order in the contract. If they are so beneficial, why could the contracted landowners not talk about the proposed project? That is a red flag.

Secrets are a form of dishonesty, a sign that you should stay away from a situation. Another “secret” about this project is that they intend the first 30 wind turbines to be “phase one” of the project. Really?

The thought of looking out my window at these monstrosities for the rest of my life is chilling. Once allowed in our area, the company can then be sold, more towers erected and the original contract and it’s promises will be gone. They will have their foot in the door and we, as residents, will have no say.

Be careful what you allow in your backyard.


Greenwich, Ohio

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