August 19, 2014
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E.ON termination a huge sigh of relief

E.ON terminationa huge sigh of relief | Kokomo Tribune | August 19, 2014 |

With the recent termination of its contract to build an industrial wind farm here in eastern Howard County, E.ON has caused a huge sigh of relief to be expelled by many of the residents here. Many, but not all. As is often the case, there are some in this controversy who will feel shortchanged by the decision of the wind developer not to move forward.

The entire ordeal has left scars on both sides of the issue. With the commissioners’ promise to amend the wind ordinances finally occurring. I am now hopeful that all landowners and residents will be able to find “common ground.”

Proper zoning will allow one person to do something they desire with their property without disturbing the quality of life of the other. The one main amendment sent to the plan commission on Thursday night should greatly help to create a balance in this area. By moving industrial wind turbine installation from “permitted use” back to “special use” in the zoning ordinance, notification to adjoining property owners will once again be required for such a project.

This was a main cause of concern for many residents living in this agriculturally zoned area. While all the legal requirements of advertising were followed by our county government; the governing bodies are encouraged to seek the best method of notification according to the issue at hand. Perhaps if the techniques used by NIPSCO in its advertising of the Greentown/Reynolds transmission line project were utilized for the proposed industrial wind farm, much time and emotional stress could have been saved.

Just food for thought as we join together and move forward on amending our county wind ordinances.

Grace Aprill


Congrats on wind farm defeat

Congratulations to the citizens of Kokomo and Howard County! Your officials have done you a great favor, by stopping any further considerations for construction of industrial wind turbines in your area. Now, if the federal government would stop using our taxpayer monies to support them, maybe we in Huntington County can receive the same good news.

You owe those on your concerned citizens committee – who worked diligently to oppose industrial wind turbines – a big thanks also. Through a long period of effort, they were successful in their volunteer efforts.

Now, if you will, send some of that good luck to Huntington County.

John Paul


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