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Questioning RICL

Isn’t it odd that Rock Island Clean Line (RICL) doesn’t know how much revenue their transmission line project will generate? Isn’t it strange they can estimate the cost to build, the investment in wind farms, and the number of construction and maintenance jobs but they can’t predict a profit?

This leads us to believe in one of two scenarios, either they really don’t know what to expect for a return on investment or they actually do and are keeping it a secret.

Assuming RICL actually does not know how much revenue can be expected from building this proposed transmission line, this suggests to us that they have a lousy business plan. Who spends over 2 billion on a project without a general knowledge of return?

We believe they do know the amount of expected profits and are keeping it a secret so landowners and the public don’t find out. Imagine if landowners knew that RICL was going to potentially rake in billions of dollars of profits every year from this project? Why, landowners may get greedy and demand a bigger piece of the pie for themselves from the sale of their easement?

Tom and Betty Zentner, LuVerne