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Tunnel vision of pro-wind campaign

Just where do these pro-wind farm people get their “facts”?

They claim that voters are being turned off by anti-wind farm policies just because of a minute survey of 2,065 out of a population of nigh on 60 million – and only 183 in this region.

More and more of these tunnel-visioned advocates of countryside despoilers are believing their own propaganda and hype!

Anybody can massage figures to their advantage and they seem to be able to say the majority of the electorate are in favour of political parties who are for onshore wind power – what utter rubbish!

Many visitors to our great region have said that they are very disappointed at the devastation of the landscape by the ugly, inefficient and expensive turbines that litter the countryside.

The landowners who put these monstrous aberrations up on the land don’t give a damn about the ugliness – only the subsidies they get

from them – which we are all paying for from our energy bills. Neither do they care if it detrimentally effects tourism in the South West .

If the trade associations completed a more wide-spread survey – especially of people who have to endure the unsightly vision of turbines – and not just “townies”, they might, just might, get a shock. Unfortunately they only respect those who happen to agree with their propaganda.

by Roy Holland