July 13, 2014
England, Scotland

Energy bills to go up as part of ‘bribe’ for Scots over referendum

By Financial Mail Reporter | 12 July 2014 | www.thisismoney.co.uk

Energy bills are set to rise after the regulator Ofgem approved plans which will help Scottish wind farms at the expense of power stations in England.

The changes relate to the amount energy companies must pay to use the national grid.

enewable energy projects in Scotland are being given lower prices to access their energy into the grid to encourage green energy. Critics claim the move could add £20 to the average household dual fuel bill, which is currently £1,346 per annum.

The changes are aimed at encouraging low-carbon, renewable energy providers and are intended to narrow the difference between the cost of power generation in the north and the south.

But Ofgem has admitted that the scheme will mean Scottish windfarms will pay £16 per kilowatt less than at present to access the national grid while those in England’s south west might pay £7 per kilowatt more. Critics accuse Ofgem of ‘bribing’ Scots to vote against quitting the UK in the September referendum. Ofgem denies the allegation.

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