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No failed support, we just objected

Len Gates, in his letter last week, wrote that councillors ‘failed to support’ the wind farm development at Bullington Cross.

I attended and objected. There was no shortage of parish councils all there to object. The Ministry of Defence objected.

He says that “it is obvious such developments are essential to the future economic prosperity of the area”.

Rubbish. A wind farm would have killed off the wedding businesses at Clock Barn as well as the microlight and light aircraft centre at Popham.

He continues “The benefits include: generating over £4m through a co-operative ownership scheme”.

Piffle. Individual members would first put up enough money to buy a 10 per cent stake in the Bullington Cross Wind Farm.

Any revenue would then be used: firstly to pay interest to those individuals; secondly to cover the scheme’s costs.

Only after that, might there be any money for other “renewable energy projects”.

He thinks it would go towards “Reducing Hampshire’s annual CO2 emissions”. Poppycock. The wind does not blow constantly – conventional power stations must be kept alight to cover the gap.

Chilbolton Observatory, a worldrenowned scientific research establishment, objected because wind turbines would have blocked off a considerable slice of the observable sky from it.

He is keen to reduce imported fuels and to generate rates.

Would he therefore welcome “fracking” in Hampshire? I would only support fracking if it did not affect local water supplies and quality, and would not cause earthquakes.

Onshore wind turbines have only one purpose – those who pray to the great god Gaia, get to have the biggest altars of any religion!

Rather than failing, councillors, in rejecting the application represented their parishioners, local businesses, the MOD and Chilbolton Observatory responsibly.

Tom Thacker Hampshire County Councillor, Whitchurch and Clere Division