July 8, 2014
Letters, Scotland

Renewable ruling

The Scotsman | 8th July 2014 | www.scotsman.com

I wonder if the Scottish taxpayer and the wind-farm owners have realised the full significance of the recent ruling of the European Court of Justice confirming that there is no obligation for an EU country, even if it is importing the power, to subsidise renewable energy from another country?

It is forecast that Scottish wind-farm subsidies will amount to about £4 billion by 2016. If we remain in the UK, 94 per cent of this bill will be picked up outside Scotland by the rest of the UK. If we separate, there is nobody else but us to pay it, working out at more than £2,000 per year for every household in the country.

It would be wonderful if the SNP would give an open and honest explanation of how this will be funded and not just the usual “it will be all right on the night” bluster and accusations of scaremongering.

Scaremongering is inventing alarming falsehoods. The European court ruling is fact.

(Dr) Richard Marsh



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