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Trump: Wind farms are “killing” Scotland

US tycoon Donald Trump yesterday claimed that wind farms were a “disaster” that were “killing” Scotland during a brief visit to his Aberdeenshire estate yesterday.

The billionaire travelled north from his newly-purchased Turnberry Estate, in Ayrshire, yesterday morning for a one day visit to the Menie Estate.

Mr Trump has halted further developments at Menie, including plans for a second golf course, unless plans for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) in Aberdeen Bay are abandoned.

And yesterday the businessman also renewed his pledge that as soon as the Scottish government gave up “the charade” of a proposed wind farm for the region, the developments would be ready to go.

He took the opportunity to hail the Menie Estate for doing “record business” – claiming the golf course would be fine without the need to attract a major tournament in the future.

He added that plans for an event to rival the Scottish Open was ‘not on the radar’ of the Trump Organisation.

Mr Trump said: “We’re doing phenomenally well and as soon as they give up the charade of the windmills – which are destroying every place that they touch, they are a disaster for Scotland – as soon as they drop that ridiculous idea I’ll start working here again.

“You know, we built a great course, we’re doing great business. It’s all set, and as soon as they drop this ridiculous idea of wind turbines destroying Aberdeen, we’ll start again.”

Mr Trump added that the abundance of wind turbines in Scotland as a whole was “a disgrace”.

He said: “They shouldn’t allow these windfarms. Scotland is going to die with these windmills, they’re killing Scotland.

“You fly over the landscape, it’s ruined. It’s got many years to go in the court system and we’ll fight it for many years if we have to.”

Mr Trump arrived in a newly purchased Sikorsky S-76B helicopter, which he will use for trips between his estates in Scotland and Doonbeg, in Country Clare, Ireland.

He said: “I just came here for two days and prior to going back to New York, I wanted to see everything and check it out and it’s incredible. It’s been an amazing success.

“I went to Doonbeg, I went to Turnberry and now I’m here. I’m so proud, it’s doing so well, doing record business and everything, and we’re bringing so much business to Aberdeen.

“I love the people of Aberdeen.”

He will head back to Manhattan, New York City, today.