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Save Straiton group continue their objection to Linfairn

The campaign group leading the fight against wind turbines being built in Straiton say plans for the Linfairn wind farm are still unacceptable.

Bill Steven, Chair of Save Straiton for Scotland was reacting to the story in last week’s Gazette where Willowind Energy announced the six turbines in the Northern Leg of the Linfairn wind farm plans were to be dropped.

Mr Steven said: “Its extremely disappointing and worrying that a so called professional wind farm developer would insist and try to convince a community for over a year and a half that Linfairn was one wind farm when it was obvious to every other professional body that it was clearly two separate wind farms and this was a crude attempt to create a section 36 application.

“Dropping the Dyke / Knockgardner leg with six turbines again was obvious as this was thrown out by Scottish Natural Heritage within weeks of the application being lodged.”

Mr Steven also insists that Willowind haven’t listened to the strength of local feeling.

“Also worrying is the fact Willowind totally ignore local feeling and the people of Ayrshire, almost 6,000 people objected to Linfairn Wind Farm the biggest single objection to any wind farm in Scotland yet Willowind make no comment and say they are listening.”

He added: “The Scottish Government make it plain it has to be the right application in the right place Linfairn is the wrong application in the wrong place.

“Mr Atwal again for the benefit of doubt your application in Straiton is not welcome and not appropriate. We would ask you to withdraw this application as soon as possible and truly listen to the people of Straiton and Ayrshire.”

Responding to the comments from Save Straiton for Scotland, Suki Atwal of Willowind said;

“It is disappointing but entirely predictable that the Chair of the Save Straiton for Scotland campaign group has chosen to criticise our revised proposal prior to our public exhibitions taking place on the 9, 10 and 11 July. It would appear that there is little that Willowind can say or do to engage in a constructive dialogue with this group, who have always maintained a position of absolute opposition. Sadly it is likely this will never change.

We are keen to discuss our revised proposal with local residents who live in Straiton and wider North Carrick. We would encourage them not to prejudge our revised proposal and instead attend our exhibitions where they can come to a balanced view on the merits of our windfarm. Community consultation is valuable and I will consider again our proposal once I have had the benefit of talking to local residents on a one to one basis.”