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E.ON turbines aren’t a good investment

Industrial wind turbines are a tragedy on Indiana. All county commissioners are scared of being sued byE.ON. E.ON is a bully. Bullies are cowards at heart. You stand up to bullies. So what if they sue? Suits aren’t pleasant, but suffering and harm if these are built are much worse!

County officials say economic investments enhance quality of life. What is a good investment? Is it one that brings five jobs, creates little to no tax revenue, and favors only a few residents? The millions E.ON claims it invests, will that bring the county income? No. The actual taxable property is small. Income to the county is 1.84 percent of the entire county budget! And quality of life? Industrial turbines bring loss of health, quality of life, property values and more damage to thousands who live near them and harm the entire county. The setbacks lock us in so businesses can’t expand. This is an outrage foisted on all by officials who aren’t being responsible to their citizens. This “investment” brings destruction.

Eastern Howard County doesn’t fit the description found in the contract of where turbines are to be built: areas of unemployment and poverty. Eastern Howard County has little unemployment. It thrives. There’s Plevna. Two Plevna businesses employ 36 people, nearly half the town’s population of 84. Compare that with five jobs created by the turbines. Most farms are subsidized. They aren’t failing. We’ve been told we’re collateral damage to a dismal project. Even leaseholders who’re compensated will suffer. What happened to all men are created equal?

There’s a choice: suit or harming human and animal life. Which would you prefer on your conscience? When we hear the anguished words of our neighbors in Tipton and learn of the horrors they’re suffering, we wonder what motivates anyone to allow this to continue. There shouldn’t be an issue. Protecting citizens’ lives, health and pursuit of happiness should be uppermost. True investments that bring jobs and income do increase quality of life. Let’s stop this turbine madness and get on with productive endeavors.

Leelia Cornell