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Let wind complete without favors

Michael Goggin of the American Wind Energy Association makes the assertion that wind electricity (and other low-fuel-cost sources) are inherently cheaper than those consuming expendable fuels, but he offers no supporting facts (Letters, May 27). He blames temporary lack of transmission lines and existence of “inflexible” nuclear plant competition for wind’s occasional local premiums.

Mr. Goggin’s unsubstantiated assertions ignore the massive energy cost jump Germany experienced after its major move to wind and solar, causing home heating cost spikes and driving major industries to relocate plants to lower-energy-cost countries, leading to the present hasty construction of 10 coal plants to ameliorate this now-discredited blunder.

James W. Benefiel

Dunedin, Fla.

Michael Goggin’s argument on behalf of the wind lobby that wind energy “is saving consumers money by displacing more expensive forms of energy” doesn’t hold water. If it were really saving consumers money, wind energy would need neither federal or state tax credits nor renewable-energy mandates to spur its adoption. Utilities and their customers would embrace it for no better reason than its being in their own self-interest to do so.

His statement that tax relief for his industry “more than pays for itself by enabling economic development that generates additional tax revenue” is the cry rent seekers have used for ages. I have an offer for him: If he’ll forgo the tax relief, I’ll gladly do without that supposed additional tax revenue.

Andrew Terhune