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Ask Hutch: windiest and least windy states

Over the past several months I have heard many say they are going to move to a state with less wind. No one had a specific state because they never know which state has less wind. Do you know of 10 other states that have less wind than Kansas? Or maybe rank all 50 in order of wind?

Basically every state is less windy than Kansas, so people looking to move away have a lot of good options. The Department of Energy analyzed wind patterns across the U.S. for the purposes of finding out which states offer the best wind power. I’m not going to list all 50 states, because we don’t have room for that, but here are the five windiest:

So, yes, you could almost literally live anywhere else in the country and it wouldn’t be as windy as No. 2 Kansas. The windiest areas are like a vertical belt that goes down the middle of the country, while the coasts are generally wind-free. The five least windy states are:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Florida
  3. Kentucky
  4. Georgia
  5. Alabama

Dodge City, by the way, is the second windiest location in the country.