May 17, 2014

We will win our windfarm battle

Dominic Robertson | County Times | 16 May 2014 |

A politician has predicted for the first time that campaigners will win their battle to stop large pylons being built in Montgomeryshire.

Campaigners from across Powys have been battling National Grid’s plans to build a 400kv pylon line from Cefn Coch through the Vyrnwy Valley since they were unveiled in 2011.

Now Montgomeryshire’s MP Glyn Davies says he believes campaigners will be successful.

He said: “Up until this week I have never said that we would win, but my view now is that we will.

“I think there is a genuine desire of the Conservative party, and perhaps wider, to respond to the deep concern of people about onshore wind and where applications have been excessive, to stop it.

“I have continuously been having meetings with Government, most at a senior level, but those meetings are private.

“It has always been my view that if you are going to have an impact on things you need to keep those meetings private or you will not be trusted.

“I am confident the Prime Minister shares my view and will do what he can. He knows the negative impact the Mid Wales Connection Project would have in the whole of Mid Wales.”

He added: “It is impossible to be certain unless National Grid suspend their proposals, but I have meetings all the time and I think now that the protesters will win the day.

“Whenever people said we did not have a chance I thought we did but now my own view is we have reached a stage where we can say we will be successful.”

Mr Davies’ comments follow a Conservative party announcement that they would end subsidies for onshore windfarms if they win the next General Election.

He said: “The only way we will stop this project is by stopping the subsidy for developers. That takes away their incentive to build windfarms.”

Mr Davies said he would now be seeking a meeting with representatives of National Grid to discuss their position on the plan.

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