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Questions future of valley as well as the pamphlet

My husband and I were at J.P. Edward’s Grill & Bar in Lewistown for dinner the other night. While waiting a short time for a table, we picked up a Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau pamphlet. This booklet welcomes visitors to Mifflin and Juniata counties with information on Big Valley, state parks, dining, shopping, real estate, calendar of events, etc.

Page 8 of the pamphlet references the serene countryside with its farms, and craft/antique shops. On page 11 is a beautiful farm, probably Amish, with a mountain range in the background. Now let’s take that page and draw 20 or more black lines from the top of the mountain into the sky. Won’t that be picturesque? What will your eye see, the beautiful farm or the towering black lines rising up to the sky?

Isn’t it ludicrous that the wind turbines that generate electricity (which is not used by the Amish in Big Valley) will have such a great impact on their views, property and possible water source? The turbine companies are responsible for controlling the runoff water near the construction site; however, they have no responsibility if the changes in the runoff affect the groundwater that comes out of the mountain as springs to supply water to the farms and homes in the valleys – too bad. There is nothing that can be done. There will be no recourse for those who live there.

Page 32 and 33 of the pamphlet has an article regarding property value in the area. I was at a meeting where the representative from E.ON stated that where turbines have been built, the property values have “increased.” Excuse me. I still want to see written proof, documentation verifying that statement. The serenity of sitting on your porch or patio looking at the mountains will now be changed as you will be looking at towering wind turbines. You can’t help but see them – they are 400 foot giants. This will more than likely change the value of property and not for the good. Homes where people have experienced ill health from the wind turbines can hardly be given away, let alone sold.

Anyone who watches old movies knows what a red-light district represents. A red-light district is part of an area where there is a concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented businesses. The term originates from the red lights that were used as signs of brothels. Now Big Valley and Ferguson valley will have their own “red-light district.” Flashing intermittent red lights will be going on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off all night long. It has been reported that these lights disturb sleep. Certainly a blinking light outside one’s window would make it difficult to sleep unless you had blackout window treatment.

It appears we have so much to look forward to should the wind turbines be built. It will certainly impact the visual beauty of the area both day and night. The Visitor’s Bureau may have to change their future pamphlets as the pictures and articles will not exactly coincide with what could be our reality. I will let you make your own decision on this. I know mine.

Mary Hayes