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Damage is already done

It was with a heavy heart that I read Penny Mills’ piece lamenting the reduction in house prices by as much as 50%.

Over 20 years ago people like me, Penny and many more were issuing warnings that this would happen.

The green meanies demanded proof yet, despite ample evidence at the time – and growing evidence since – they blithely ignored us and pressed on with their demands for more “green” energy.

Then on page 37 I came across the ad by Let’s Make Some Noise asking for signatures on a petition against turbines at Hollamoor. This latest threat will see 3 x 75 metre turbines situated near Roundswell roundabout. This is just one of many; some have fallen by the wayside while others have come to fruition.

In June 2006 North Devon District Council adopted their Renewable Energy Action Plan. In December 2006 I wrote the council strategy is, “If we control the type, numbers and location of a few turbines, we can resist applications from the commercial operators”. Quite how they square this circle is completely beyond comprehension.

The presence of Fullabrook, and Batsworthy Cross shortly, stands testament to the folly of the council policy. With dozens more applications in the pipeline and scores more gone to appeal we can only hope that common sense will prevail.

There are those who may believe the Conservative Party announcement on a virtual moratorium on new onshore wind farms after the next general election.

Personally I am not holding my breath; firstly because they have to win the election and secondly for the most part the damage is already done.


Bratton Fleming.