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Wind energy hurts more than it helps

Wind is inefficient, ineffective and very expensive. The current administration in Washington has sold our country a bill of goods when it claims wind is environmentally friendly and will reduce carbon emissions. The concrete alone used for each turbine spews more carbon into the environment than the turbine can ever reduce in its lifetime. Millions of birds are killed daily by the blades; bats implode when near the turbines; and other wildlife vacate the area as soon as the blades are turned on.

However, the most destructive aspect of the turbines is their effect on humans. County boards and landowners (many of whom do not live on their land) cannot resist the money promised regardless of the havoc they are reaping on their non-participating constituents and neighbors who live with these monsters 1,000-1,500 feet from the foundation of their homes. Unable to sell their homes, many have abandoned them because of the numerous health issues they and their families are experiencing.

The Informed Farmers Coalition (IFC), a group of landowners and citizens in Lee, Bureau and Whiteside counties, is working to spread awareness about wind turbine project development and the adverse effects it may have on these communities. The group is hoping to raise awareness about the Green River and Walnut Ridge turbine projects owned by Geronimo Energy. Geronimo is currently contacting area farmers to sign new contracts with the company. IFC wants to make sure all area farmers understand the facts concerning wind farm development.

Ann G. Ihrke