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Wind energy and Craven

Wind energy and the hazards of wind turbines have recently been in the news in Eastern N.C. An attempt to build wind turbines in the Mill Creek area of Carteret County has been effectively thwarted by an excellent ordinance to protect the citizens of Carteret County. So far, efforts to achieve the same results in Craven County have stalled.

Craven County wrote a tall structures ordinance with one size fits all; failing to separate cell towers and wind turbines. That action could leave Craven County open to efforts to erect wind turbines in our area; an action with devastating effects for the citizens and the economy of the county.

There has been too little conversation about the shortcomings of wind energy, ranging from its ineffectiveness, its cost, its harm to the environment, and health effects on humans for starters. But the primary concern for Craven County is the effect wind turbines have on radar, and how that would impact the status of Cherry Point and the military presence there. The unintended consequences of not addressing this problem promptly could be monumental.

The wind energy developers left Carteret County because that county wrote an ordinance to provide reasonable protection to their citizens, existing businesses and the local environment. It is unlikely they have given up on the opportunity for government subsidies to further enrich their own pockets, and are still looking for fertile opportunities. It’s time for Craven County to protect its citizens from higher energy costs, destruction of our ecosystem, and the possible loss of the biggest employer in the county. Please join me in urging our elected officials to rewrite their tall structures ordinance to reflect the good work of Carteret County.

Nancy Murdoch, Havelock