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We’re invested in New Hampshire, too

Several times since the proposed Wild Meadows industrial wind turbine complex in Danbury and Alexandria was first revealed to our unsuspecting towns, I’ve written to Gov. Maggie Hassan. Each time I get a version of a form letter in response.

The same lines appear in them all: We must “strengthen our system for evaluating energy projects, while recognizing and respecting the time, energy and investment that many businesses have already made in submitting proposals for new energy projects in our state.”

A $5 million investment by a multinational, multibillion dollar company is a pittance compared to what we, the people, have invested here. We’ve invested a much larger portion of what we have in the past, present and future of this state. Do not make the mistake of believing that the dollar value of a corporate investment is worth more than the dollars, blood, sweat and tears of the people.

Why would the governor give the most consideration to businesses wishing to destroy our natural resources because of an “investment” rather than the residents, taxpayers and voters of New Hampshire? If the governor and the rest of the folks in Concord believe that rapacious energy corporations deserve to have a stable business environment, but don’t care about the small business owners that are already here and don’t care to create a stable living environment for the existing homeowners, residents, taxpayers and voters, rest assured we can and will replace them the next time we vote.