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Here’s more to dislike about a wind farm

It’s been a long time since the wind farm advocates have raced a sailboat or sailed a skipjack near a high shore.

Had they remembered, they might have recalled the wind shadow that’s caused when one sailboat blocks the wind from a challenger, or when a cliff or highland blocks the wind from the sailboat you’re sailing.

Yes, wind turbines kill birds and cost lots of money to repair.

They make lots of noise when they run at efficiency, cause flashing lights that promote epilepsy and could be a danger in a hurricane.

They function as a tax dodge for carpetbaggers and otherwise ruin the look of the land.

And they also make wind shadows.

What the wind turbine does is take the energy from the wind and leave stale air behind.

That’s the air that would have given the downwind folks a breeze and some cooling air in the summer.

It means there won’t be a breeze to compensate for the humidity.

The resulting stagnant air would be just what mosquitoes, molds, fungi and diseases need to thrive.

It would also give people an excuse to run their air conditioners more frequently.

It would give farmers more costs for chemicals to get rid of the molds, fungi and disease on their crops.

If that’s what it means to promote economic development, I’m not sure all the costs of living downwind have been fully calculated.

This is not just for the abstract environmentalist, but for the real people who live here.

Here’s the way a physicist might analyze the problem: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Sorry to disappoint my friends, but maybe greasing up the old Aeromotor might not be a bad idea.

At least it would be a sound experimental design from which real economic and scientific knowledge could be generated.

Then, when the results come in, you could use the same excuse Obama gives for the failed stimulus: We didn’t build it big enough.

Harry Smith lives in Westover.