April 24, 2014
Letters, Maryland

Somerset Co. wind farm needs more scrutiny

The Baltimore Sun | April 23, 2014 | www.baltimoresun.com

In response to the April 21 commentary regarding the proposed wind farm in Somerset County (“A wind-win situation”, Pioneer Green (aka Great Bay Wind) claims that they have conducted studies showing that the proposed 600-foot-tall industrial wind turbines proposed for the county will not negatively impact Patuxent River naval station radar operations. During the state Senate hearing on April 1, it was clear after much testimony that included input from representatives of Pioneer Green that members of the delegation did not agree with their claim of due diligence. Both houses of government voted overwhelmingly to temporarily suspend the project for a year until further studies can be completed. If the studies reveal, as Pioneer Green claims, the wind turbines will not negatively impact PAX River operations, they can resume business in Somerset County one short year from now.

Those we elected to speak for us in Annapolis have spoken loudly on our behalf. HB 1168 does not send the “chilling message” that wind energy is not welcome in Maryland. Instead, it says that in Maryland we want wind projects that are carefully planned and constructed properly. In its current state, Pioneer Green’s wind project has the potential to negatively impact not just Somerset County but our entire region. All Maryland residents should encourage Gov. Martin O’Malley to sign HB 1168 so that additional studies can be done to ensure that the wind project in Somerset County is properly vetted.

Ryan Taylor

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