April 23, 2014

City wants power to stop new wind farm

by Miranda Leah | www.kristv.com

CORPUS CHRISTI – The city is against a wind farm project, but it’s not within their power to stop it. Now they’re asking lawmakers to change that.

The city council approved a resolution opposing the project, which lies within the city’s extra-territorial jurisdiction. They’re lobbying the state for the power to control any economic development within it’s ETJ, or land where the city plans to expand.

“That’s why you have the ETJ,” said Chamber of Commerce spokesman Foster Edwards. “What you’re basically saying, is this is where we plan to go.”

Edwards said this wind farm could be just the start of projects in the ETJ that the city doesn’t want, but is powerless to stop. Unless state lawmakers decide to change that.

However, this isn’t the first time the city asked the state for more control. Councilman Mark Scott said it’s a battle that the city keep losing.

“Other states have legislation that protects communities against wind farm encroachment. It’s not unusual,” said Scott. “Texas, as a state, has resisted that.”

City council emphasizes that they aren’t against wind farms, they just don’t want one to stifle the growth of the south side.

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