April 18, 2014

Wind farm extension plans submitted

The Southern Reporter | 18 April 2014 | www.thesouthernreporter.co.uk

The owner of the Longpark wind farm above Stow has applied to the Scottish Government to erect a further 10 turbines on the site.

This would take the total number of turbines in the scheme to 29. The new turbines would include eight 100m turbines and two 110m high.

EDF’s application also aims to ‘align’ the decommissioning timescale for the original turbines, which became operational in 2009, and the extension, should it be approved.

This would mean that the existing 19 turbines would remain until the extension’s 25-year operating period is up rather than being removed in 2034.

The Longpark scheme was refused in the first instance by Scottish Borders Council in 2005, but was given the go-ahead following an appeal to the Scottish Government.

John Williams, chairman of Heriot Community Council, is representing both Heriot and Stow councils in the appeal over the proposed Shaw Park wind farm, which would lie close to Longpark.

Mr Williams said that in his opinion the extension of time for the original turbines is not the greatest concern, rather the noise impact of the expanded wind farm.

“That is the real horror story,” he told The Southern.

The application documents reveal that 139 properties could be affected by turbine noise at the usual upper limit of 35dB.

However, Mr Williams says that the developers are aiming to have the noise limit raised to the maximum allowed under the guidelines, 40dB.

“It is a far greater number of properties affected by noise than I have seen with any other local application,” Mr Williams added, “and the reason for that is the turbines would be so close to Stow.”

He also said that the 2km radius from the closest proposed turbines to the village drew a line “right through the middle of Stow”.

Mr Williams said: “That is contrary to the council’s guidance on wind turbines, which says they should be at least 2km away from properties.

“This is quite a dramatic attempt to drive coach and horses right through local planning guidance.”

The developers are holding a public exhibition of their plans at Stow Village Hall on Tuesday, April 2, from 3pm to 7pm.

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