April 9, 2014
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2nd blade has fallen; vote in the primary

Kokomo Tribune | April 9, 2014 | www.kokomotribune.com

Well, as everyone knows now, another blade has fallen off a turbine in the Wildcat Wind Farm. It worries me, now that in the new ordinance there’s a part where if you sign a good neighbor clause, these things can go right up to someone’s home.

Is that protecting Tipton County residents? No!

This blade is 7 tons. And if it is next to someone’s home and you have another breakage, it could quite possibly fall right on the home.

Storm season is approaching us, so now what’s going to happen next? At some point in time, citizens have to protect citizens from themselves. I think we have been lucky so far with no deaths from these things.

We are going to have to be very careful come election time. Heron and Mike Orr want wind farms in Tipton County. So I ask you, do you want these things around your house or anywhere close? Then we need to put the correct people in to protect the citizens.

Heron said if he had it to do over again, he would have done things differently. Too late now. He really has no voice now. In my opinion, his voice sits to his right.

Quite frankly, I am appalled at E.On for doing this to Tipton County, much less other counties. They go in and tear communities apart without even caring.

E.On said these are rare instances. Do some investigating, folks. This isn’t a rare occurrence. This has been happening all over, and they are shutting down the wind farms that are having the blade breakages.

But our elected officials don’t have the guts to speak up and tell E.On to shut them down. I think they are afraid of missing a few bucks. Tipton County residents are collateral damage. Vote in the primary!

Shannon Baden


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