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AMA dismissal of adverse effects is absurd

I have read the AMA Position Statement on the Health Effects of Wind Farms and I am alarmed. To dismiss any adverse effects is absurd in view of the mounting evidence. Even the wind industry seems to accept that wind farm noise causes annoyance and sleep disturbance and sleep deprivation. The emerging evidence of inadequate sleep as a major risk factor, particularly for Cardiovascular Disease, is overwhelming. If there is any chance of these associations being causal, your Association should be taking them very seriously. I write this as someone with many years’ experience in CVD epidemiology.

The wind industry constantly repeats that there is no evidence that wind farms are injurious to health but there is not a single, properly conducted study to demonstrate that they are harmless. It also dismisses any associations as indirect. This is irrelevant from a Public Health prospective as the removal of an indirect effect can be highly preventative.

I find it unacceptable that a respected, prestigious medical association like your own appears to take its advice on health from the wind industry, rather than promoting good quality conducted research in which all aspects of the putative associations between wind farms and health are evaluated.

What has happened to Primum Non Nocere as a guiding, precautionary principle?

I am attaching a review of the topic I wrote recently for local consumption. It can be criticised for falling short of a ‘systematic review,’ never-the-less, it does summarize some of the most recent literature which is important.

With best wishes
Professor Emeritus Alun Evans
Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Public Health
The Queen’s University of Belfast
Institute of Clinical Science B
Grosvenor Road