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“Corridor” of solar farms and wind turbines near Penryn

Concern has been raised that a “corridor” of solar farms and wind turbines could be created on land near Penryn if plans by developers go ahead.

London company EGN Projects is seeking advice from Cornwall Council planning officers about its plans for a solar farm covering an area equivalent to more than 56 football pitches.

It has submitted a pre-application advice form for a 10MW facility which would spread across 100 acres of land at Roskrow Barton Farm, just off the A39 between Four Cross and the Treliever roundabout.

Mabe parish councillor Peter Tisdale said the development would surround the existing wind farm on the same site, which had two turbines, and could include as many as 63,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

He also claimed that a second 25-acre site was planned for adjoining farmland.

“They’re talking about fencing and CCTV cameras,” he said. “It would look like a prison camp on top of the hill.

“The thing that annoys me is that nobody knows about it. Where’s the consultation they are supposed to hold?”

Anestis Kartsaklis, from EGN Projects, the assistant project manager, said the 100-acre site was just one of many in England which the company was considering, and it was still too early for there to be a need to publicise any information.

“It’s in the very early stages,” said Mr Kartsaklis. “At this stage there is no project; it’s just discussions.

“We’re just speaking to the landowner, who’s said he’s interested, and waiting for Cornwall Council to do a site visit and give us some advice.”

It could take between six months and three years for a formal planning application to be submitted, he said.


“We need to know if there’s available grid, how we’re going to connect, from where and how much it’s going to cost,” he said.

“It has to tick hundreds of boxes and these are just the first few.”

The company would publish details about the project for a public consultation after it had found out this information.

Mr Tisdale said during a visit to the Roskrow Barton site with Cornwall councillor Michael Keogh, a farmer from an adjoining property had told them about his own application for a 25-acre development featuring both solar panels and wind turbines.

“If both sites are permitted that would consist of almost 100 acres of solar panels and four turbines all in the same area,” said Mr Tisdale.

He added that there were also solar farms planned for land at Halvasso and Edgecumbe and a turbine at Polkanuggo Farm.

“That would then create a corridor from the Treliever Roundabout right through to Retanna with either turbines or solar panels on both sides of the road,” he said.