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Plans for new wind turbine near Wells hit stumbling block

Plans for a second windturbine at Beechbarrow Farm on the outskirts of Wells have hit a stumbling block.

Mr P Cann has submitted an application to Mendip District Council outlining plans to put a second, 34 metre high turbine on a field off the Bristol Road.

But the application was given an initial thumbs down by civic leaders at a meeting on Wednesday evening.

It has also attracted 12 letters of objection from those opposed to the scheme, with people living near the site concerned about damage being caused to the character of the area, detracting from the statue of Romulus and Remus nearby, and the turbine having a detrimental affect to the Mendip hills.

But in a statement supporting the application, the applicant writes that the turbine would produce environmentally safe energy, and would have only a ‘minimal’ effect on the surrounding area, as after the turbine’s 30-year lifespan, it would be removed entirely and the field returned to its original state.

Speaking at a meeting of St Cuthbert’s Out Parish Council, Councillor Vernon Hill said people living nearby were already being affected by the turbine already at the site.

“People living down the end of the lane are very badly affected by the flicker from the current wind turbine,” he said.

“Adding another will make this worse.”

He also raised concerns that trees would have to be cut down to allow enough wind to reach the structure.

And Councillor Margaret Mitchell said she could not support the application, despite ‘not minding wind turbines, in general.’

“I know that the people who own the turbines do not live anywhere near the actual site,” she said.

“I do not support the idea of a second one which will affect the people living down the lane.”

It will now be up to Mendip District Council to consider the plan, taking into consideration the parish council’s recommendation for refusal and the views of other consultees and residents.

The application is due to be decided by April 9.