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Wind petition is poorly written

Amendment 5 proposed for Antrim’s zoning is a woefully inadequate, hastily crafted piece written by Antrim Wind Energy, LLC officials. Whether one is in favor or not of wind development in Antrim is absolutely irrelevant to this issue. What is at stake here is the poor quality of this amendment and whether we want outside developers, with vested interests, writing zoning for our town.

There are those who advocate for this amendment under the guise of “green” energy. However, it has absolutely nothing to do with saving the planet for our grandchildren but rather is solely a vote on who should write our zoning and what protections we should put in place for our residents. Amendment 5 offers no such safeguards, instead it would set an irrevocable precedent by opening the door to all types of industrial development anywhere in town.

Any amendment to our zoning that would have such irreversible power to radically change the character of zoning districts, the entire town and the region should require extensive research and study by the people of Antrim. It should not be a quickly assembled deficient proposal brought forth by a developer for their own benefit or for a specific project. As New Hampshire residents, we all highly value the democratic process. Antrim residents have been left out of the preparation of this proposed amendment. Please vote NO on number 5.

Loranne Carey Block