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Wants wind energy companies to honor the community’s values

In his letter to the editor, Mr. Jeffery Wagner of Volkswind stated his case as if there is a requirement that Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) be placed on Jacks Mountain to meet Pennsylvania’ Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS). He further went on in an attempt to define Volkswind’s high standards of abiding with all standards and ordinances and to “proceed prudently, safely and with the greatest regard for the local communities.”

He urged we who have great concern about the IWT’s on Jacks Mountain “to build trust in the local township, state and federal permitting process and the standards to which our project will be held.”

To Volkswind, we say, we trust in all of these and especially in our Township Ordinances which are the last line Volkswind must cross to proceed with their project. Since Volkswind holds the ordinances in the highest regard, we ask that they accept the ordinances, as presented, without protest or request for modifications. After this, we ask that they proceed prudently with the greatest regard for our local communities.

To meet the greatest regard for our local communities, Volkswind should become familiar with the Mifflin County “Greenway Open Space and Rural Recreation Plan,” available in PDF form at: www.co.mifflin.pa.us/PlanningandDevelopment/Pages/Greenway,OpenSpaceandRuralRecreationPlan.aspx

After understanding the plans and visions that the people of Mifflin County have for the future of our area, Volkswind can determine if they can keep their pledge of “highest regard” with their “wind turbines of more than 400 feet” and how they can fit into our future vision of Jacks Mountain.

Certainly the Audubon Society supports renewable energy sources, including wind turbines that are properly planned, sited, and operated. Is Volkswind implying that the Juniata Valley Audubon Society endorses wind turbines on Jacks Mountain? I strongly suggest that they, with “highest regard for our local communities,” contact our local Society branch.

We agree that “Development of new technologies that help minimize harm to birds and wildlife” should be used to reduce harmful effects to birds and other wildlife. I suggest Volkswind check out the latest technology for wind generated electricity at the following site: sheerwind.com/.

This latest technology, effectively produces electricity with wind speed as low as 2mph and does so without harming birds and wildlife and without the dangerous infrasound of IWT’s. Using this technology would allow generating electricity using wind in the valleys of Central Pennsylvania with structures that are less than one fourth the height of IWT’s.

Yes, Volkswind, we appreciate you letting us know your values and respect for our values. Please consider all that has been presented here and the honorable concerns of SOAR and Friends of Jacks Mountain and honor your commitment to have the highest regard for our local communities.

Don Wert