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Now Midlothian faces a new wind farm battle

In Midlothian we have been fighting for eight and a half years to protect the Midlothian plain from wind farm development.

Government reporters, councillors, planners and the public have all agreed this is not the place for a wind farm .

The public have been outstanding in objecting to applications throughout this time with the developers having just a handful of supporters.

An application for nine turbines at Mount Lothian, which was withdrawn last year, the afternoon before a presentation by Penicuik Environment Protection Association to councillors, has been re-submitted.

Last time over 1000 objections were submitted to the council, with 67 in support. These objections are not to be allowed for the new application and we will have to start all over again alerting the public to this new threat.

There is nothing to stop speculative re-applications being submitted time and time again. The easiest way to get rid of a thousand objections is to withdraw the application and put it back in again. Is this the way we want our country to be run?

Something has gone badly wrong when two landowners, Sir Robert Clerk and Lord Harry Dalmeny, and two developers, Wind Prospect and EDF Energy, can cause such unnecessary expense to council taxpayers, not to mention the work, upset and expense to the campaigners who have preserved this wonderful vista for locals, Edinburgh residents and tourists alike through so many years.

Celia Hobbs , Peebles Road, Penicuik, Midlothian