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One wind turbine will open flood gates

One giant wind turbine could pave the way for many more if it gets planning approval, town councillors in Caistor fear.

At a meeting last week members voted to oppose a planning application for a 102-metre wind turbine and substation on land west of Moorland, Caistor.

Councillors felt it would add nothing to the town and cause a number of problems, but there were fears the project would go ahead despite local objections.

Councillor Rick Sandham said: “Wind turbines are as controversial as fracking, the only difference is fracking companies are putting a proportion of money back into the community they are taking out of.

“All residents of Caistor will have with this turbine is a blight on the landscape. They are monstrous things.

“I’m against them, but overall whatever we say it all goes back to West Lindsey and then probably appeal at Westminster, which will get approved because they have a number of ‘green’ projects to build by a certain date.”

Councillors opposed the project on the basis of noise and disturbance, the turbines proximity to houses and also the impact on wildlife and the landscape.

Coun Carol Mackenzie added: “For the people that live at the top of Caistor, Spa Top, Canada Lane, Waterhills act as a funnel for sound and quite often the wind is from that direction so they will suffer considerably from noise.

“I know of other farmers who have used banks of solar panels which are not a blight of the landscape and not unsightly.

“It would spoil an area of outstanding natural beauty.”

There was also a feeling it could set a precedent for future applications; residents in South Kelsey have already received letters about construction of a turbine in their parish.

Kate Galligan added: “If we allow this one it opens the door to many more.”

Caistor District Councillor Angela Lawrence said she had been contacted by a number of residents concerned about the planning application and urged anyone with a view to take part in the public consultation and send their comments to WLDC, sentiments echoed by Caistor’s other district councillor Alan Caine.