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LEEDCo’s offshore wind project will ruin Lake Erie

LEEDCo calls its offshore wind project the Icebreaker. Beware that Lake Erie will be industrialized by hundreds or thousands of utility grade industrial offshore wind turbines pin cushioning Lake Erie, generating costly, intermittent power. LEEDCo sees 5,000MW of electric generated by 2030 in Lake Erie meaning hundreds of giant offshore turbines planted in the lake. People’s views of the lake will be lost, lake shore area property values will plummet, offshore wind development will spoil lake recreation and impact fishing and shipping, slaughtering birds and disturbing the character of the lake forever. This development is breaking the lake.

Just as LEEDCo has given the name “Icebreaker” for its horrible project, a moniker is needed to remind Ohioans of LEEDCo’s curse placed upon Lake Erie and perpetuated by future wind developers. We express Lake Erie’s industrialized future beyond the Icebreaker – it’s called the LakeBreaker.

The LakeBreaker’s vandalism will infect and ruin Ohio’s Lake Erie – this is unacceptable. The Icebreaker is the beginning of the LakeBreaker and poor stewardship for Lake Erie.

Your children’s children will ask decades from now – What were they thinking?

Alan Isselhard,
Wolcott, N.Y.