December 31, 2013

Wurzels manager Sil Wilcox fights proposals for wind turbine at Laverton farm

By SS_CWilson | Frome Standard | Posted: December 30, 2013 |

The manager of Somerset legends, The Wurzels, has began a campaign against plans to build a 66m wind turbine near the village of Laverton.

Sil Wilcox and his wife Fi, who live in the area, said they have held several meetings with villagers of Laverton and Norton St Philip in the past few weeks about the proposals.

The wind turbine, if given the go-ahead, will be situated at Hillbrow Farm, near Laverton.

A planning application is due to be submitted in the New Year, by developers Distribution Generation Ltd, based near Bristol.

Mr Wilcox said: “We are worried about the impact on the value of all property in its vicinity, the massive visual impact on the beautiful countryside it will inhabit, the true health and noise impact on all residents from 400m to two kilometres from the turbine and the huge detrimental effect on wildlife and equestrian pursuits surrounding the site.

“This is a special place and the people of Laverton and Norton St Philip aren’t happy at the prospect of having a wind turbine placed here.

“These things aren’t the answer to our energy needs, they are not efficient and the electricity they produce is subsidised in our fuel bills, so costs are more, and at a big price to the landscape of our villages.”

Mr Wilcox said the campaigners are planning to fight the proposals through the parish and district council.

He said: “We are assembling our army strategically and awaiting the application, we have a lot of resource within our group and other local bodies are coming on board. Our website is at which can provide lots of information.”

DistGen managing director, John Zamick, said he understood Mr Wilcox’s concerns but felt renewable energy was the way forward.

He said: “Of all the forms of energy in the UK, renewable is the lowest in carbon omissions and has the least impact of the environment.

“We all have to start looking at the wider agenda here and taking into consideration nuclear power and fracking, I believe wind power is the most viable and safest.

“What I am trying to do is deliver a solution that gives the most good for the least harm.

“We try to engage with communities and want to work with the villagers and want to keep the money in the community.”

Mr Zamick said the company will hold a public meeting at some point in the New Year and hopes the discussion will be positive.

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