December 19, 2013

Wind farm to offer good neighbour cash

AAP | December 19, 2013 |

A company proposing to build a wind farm in the Adelaide Hills will offer annual good neighbour payments to people in the area.

TrustPower Australia has proposed building a 124-turbine wind farm near Palmer and says it wants to extend the benefits to the local community.

It proposes offering payments of at least $2000 a year to people who have properties within one kilometre of a turbine or residences within two kilometres.

Business development manager Rodney Ahern says up to 60 property owners could get the payments.

“This is the first time in Australia that a wind farm developer has voluntarily offered to make such payments,” he said.

“The scheme is intended to engage the community in situations in where they may feel they may be affected in some way by the presence of the wind farm and should be included in the benefits generated by the project.”

The payments are proposed to be linked to each property and would continue after a change of ownership, providing a permanent income and increasing property values.

They are also separate to payments made to property owners who have wind turbines located on their land.

Mr Ahern said the offer of good neighbour payments was a one-off and would cease once the public consultation period was completed in 2014.

The company will conduct its next round of community meetings in the new year and is then expected to lodge a development application with the local council.

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