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Destroying Maine

Steve Perry is the business development manager of Sargent Corp. that usually is contracted by First Wind to do civil site work.

Financial interests drive Perry’s remarks in his Dec. 7 letter, as his business priorities are above the value and scenic beauty of the Downeast Lakes Region. Once spoiled, only the next ice age could reconstruct what Perry and First Wind support with the destruction of Maine’s scenic environment.

Contrary to Perry’s claims, Bowers will only produce several permanent positions and will not supply Maine with the over-rated electricity produced, as it has already been sold to Rhode Island, if the Bowers wind machines are constructed. Perry also calls for a fair and consistent regulatory environment but fails to mention Gov. John Baldacci’s Wind Energy Act being the most unfair regulatory act imaginable.

The Department of Environmental Protection performed an exhaustive review on the impact to Bowers and the Downeast Lakes Region and said no to wind machine projects there. Perry should stop using self-serving business ethics in an attempt to bully Maine into destroying what makes Maine, Maine.

Richard Washburn