December 6, 2013

Wind turbines proposed within city limits

By STEPHANIE IVANKOVICH - Staff Writer | Times-Republican | December 6, 2013 |

Optimal Renewables LLC has made a proposal to build two roughly 445-feet wind turbines within city limits to distribute energy locally.

The proposal to build the wind turbines is on a farm parcel between East Merle Hibbs Boulevard, 18th Street and Iowa Avenue East.

“Alliant Energy specifically services lots of areas in Marshalltown,” said Karsen Rumpf, lead project developer of Optimal Renewables LLC. “So those areas powered by Alliant Energy will potentially have power that will potentially come from our turbines that we are developing there.”

All of the energy would stay local.

“This is not energy that will be transported long distances to other areas in the country,” Rumpf said. “This is energy that will be used for local energy demands.”

The owners of the wind turbines would be Building Energy, an Italy-based company. Optimal Renewables LLC is the developer of the wind turbines and works with Building Energy in community scale projects.

“We connect the distribution power lines and the energy of the turbines will be distributed locally throughout the city of Marshalltown based on the demand of energy that is needed,” Rumpf said. “We’re not looking to do a large scale project like others out there. What we will deal with is matching the energy demand in certain areas with energy of the turbines.”

At the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting Thursday the proposal will get a recommendation of support or denial for the Board of Adjustment meeting Dec. 17, then get a final approval or denial.

“If anybody has any specific questions about the proposal they are encouraged to come to the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting or the Board of Adjustment meeting, or give me a call and we can talk through it,” said Steven Troskey, city planner.

Troskey can be reached at 641-752-3154.

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