December 5, 2013
Alabama, Letters

Preserve the beauty

The Gadsden Times | December 5, 2013 |

I am thankful to be able to sit in my porch swing with my grandchildren who come from Birmingham and Florida to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature not readily available in the city. I’m thankful they get to enjoy some of the same experiences my son and daughter did growing up on Lookout Mountain.

The birds, wildlife and colorful trees should be preserved here for future generations, not destroyed and displaced by wind turbines.

Thanks to all who are fighting to prevent this disruption of God’s beauty and keep wind turbines out of our local neighborhoods.

We have weathered two earthquakes in recent years. What is to prevent the blasting necessary to anchor 60 turbines, each 570 feet tall (taller than the Washington Monument), from disturbing the fault line again?

Anita E. Black


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