December 4, 2013

Wind turbines will overwhelm countryside claim councillors

Driffield Post Times | 04 December 2013 |

Parish councils serving villages around Driffield have banded together to voice fears over the number of wind turbines in the area.

The councils believe proposed turbine development, along with those already in place, will cause an “immense” impact on the landscape and communities.

One development which has sparked particular concern is the plan for six turbines at Thornholme Fields in Burton Agnes, which is awaiting decision by Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

A letter from members of Burton Agnes, Beeford, Boynton, Rudston and Lissett and Ulrome Parish Councils said: “The industrialisation of the tranquil, undeveloped rural countryside of the coast and Wolds with a huge number of wind turbines, both large industrial wind farms and so called ‘farm turbines’ will be overwhelming.

“The cumulative and sequential impact of these turbines up to 130m tall will be immense on the largely tourist areas south of Bridlington, along the coast and Wolds landscape.”

However, a spokesperson for Thornholme applicant Wind Prospect Ltd said: “The Thornholme Field Wind Farm proposal is a well designed and appropriately sited wind farm.

“Wind energy is an important part of the renewable technology energy mix and is helping to protect future generations from climate change. We look forward to the outcome of the public inquiry before the end of this year.”

Christine Lee, of Burton Agnes Parish Council, said: “We have had enough, it is just too much and we are over targeted in this area.

“We think Bridlington hasn’t woken up to the fact that south Bridlington is going to be surrounded by a forest of wind turbines.”

She said the parish council has a number of turbine concerns including noise, visual impact and the cost to taxpayers.

Janet Brannan, chair of Boynton Parish Council, said: “I think we have just come to the conclusion that the East Riding has been inundated with too many wind farms.

“I don’t think people are wholly against wind turbines, but you get out of East Yorkshire and you realise other counties just do not have as many as us.”

Clerk to Lissett and Ulrome Parish Council, Ros Turner, said: “Lissett and Ulrome Parish Council discussed the matter of wind farms in this area in November.

“Whilst they are not saying ‘not in our backyard’, the Council is of the opinion that there are too many in our backyard, present and proposed.”

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