December 3, 2013

Wind farm activist to seek county board seat

Mon, 12/02/2013 | Tracy Moss |

DANVILLE – A Rankin area resident who has lobbied the Vermilion County board for more than two years for changes to the county wind farm ordinance is one of about 20 people who have filed to run for county board next year.

Darrell Cambron of rural Rankin is running as a Republican for one of two county board seats up for election in District 1, which includes Rankin and Hoopeston in northern Vermilion County.

Darrell and Kim Cambron were instrumental in prompting the county board in 2011 to increase its setbacks, or distance, between wind turbines and houses and other primary structures. The Cambrons have continued to call for the board to increase its setbacks even more and make other changes to its ordinance regulating wind turbines. Earlier this year, a proposal by a current county board member to significantly increase setbacks failed to gain support among county board members.

Now, Cambron hopes to be one of the 27 board members making the decisions about wind turbines and other issues in the county.

Monday was the last day for candidates to file to run for offices or seats in the county that are up for election in the fall of 2014.

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