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Vital concerns

At the end of his letter to the editor on this page today, Morehead City resident Melvin Bright says America’s armed forces have concerns about renewable energy projects, but are prohibited from speaking publicly.

He also says the Department of Defense clearinghouse has never denied a permit for a single wind project in the United States.

This sounds just like something, which the Obama administration always touting “green energy” projects, would insist upon.

Mr. Bright says one area of military concern is radar.

Last week the Ottawa Citizen, in Canada, said the construction of large wind farms could drive up the cost of air travel and cause delays in launching fighter aircraft because the giant turbines create blackout zones for air traffic control radar.

“The spinning blades of the turbines are being detected by the radar, presenting false images or generating so much clutter on radar screens that controllers are losing track of airplanes as they fly near the wind farm sites,” it said.

It quoted Royal Canadian Air Force spokesman Maj. Steve Neta saying: “Commercial wind turbines in the vicinity of Canadian Forces bases and installations have the potential to pose a flight safety risk or otherwise impede flight operations and training.”

The story said U.S. researchers have also warned that wind turbines also interfere with weather radar because the rotating blades show up on radar as incoming weather, precipitation or something similar.

It added that opponents of wind farms say sound waves that are at too low a frequency for the human ear to hear can cause insomnia, dizziness, headaches and other health problems.

Should Torch Renewable Energy LLC be successful and build 40 wind turbines with spinning blades that are 492.1 feet high, property prices anywhere near the vicinity of the wind farm will plummet. So will property taxes. This same probability also holds true for property in the vicinity of the proposed 50-75-acre solar panel farm between Little Deep Creek Road and Little Deep Creek.

But more ominously, if the wind turbines interfere with Marine Corps aviation at Marine Corps Air Base Cherry Point, the economy of eastern North Carolina will collapse, and the security of the nation will have be at risk.

In weighing the application of Torch Renewable Energy LLC, the N.C. Department of Energy and Natural Resources must consider these absolutely vital concerns.