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Wind turbines not welcome

“As the blade turns,” the saga of slick wind energy salesmen, people blinded by easy cash, well-meaning environmentalists and those who adamantly oppose the concept of wind turbines located in this area.

As the last episode begins, we see our North East Township supervisors in a unanimous decision to place these industrial monstrosities in this unique area without the protective setbacks and close scrutiny demanded for such a critical project. They will welcome these structures one-third as tall as the Empire State Building, whose flickering shadow, ultrasonic sound and 200 mph blades will descend and ascend to all. They will occupy the eyes, ears and consciousness of everyone living in the area, not only because of their huge presence but also because of the sucking sound of any energy created going into the grid on its way to metropolitan areas.

Wind turbines will undoubtedly spread like some new virus across the area on land all along the escarpment and into Lake Erie. In forested areas, they will cause the decimation of 3 to 6 acres of trees for access roads and construction, and to the hundreds of migratory birds they will offer the potential of slicing them out of the skies.

So as you remain in your armchairs emphatically stating it’s not your problem, rethink the issue: Who do turbines help? How can residents prevent the insidious destruction of our area health and environment? Do you recognize that it’s our tax money subsidizing all aspects of this implausible industry? The intermittence of energy and the price outweighing the economics make this a bad deal, and it’s a saga of no benefits.

Everyone craves a sacred space whether in the physicality of nature or the intimacy of the mind, and these turbines will intrude on both.

Sally Griffini¸ North East