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Peru officials are biased on turbines

I have to admit I’m not much involved in Peru town politics. I guess I always thought that the well-intentioned people of town government were there looking after my best interests and let it go at that. But lately mainly due to my own personal observations at Selectmen and planning board meetings, I’ve begun to question that belief.

Although a permit to build five (maybe more) huge wind turbine towers in the town of Peru has not been granted as of yet, many on the board of Selectmen and planning board members that the selectmen have appointed, are acting as though this is a done deal. I have observed the concerns of citizens, concerns with health effects, noise, bird and bat kills, blasting the tops of mountains for the sites, or any issues which may go counter to a permit going forward, met with eye-rolling and down-talking by our town officials. Meanwhile these same officials stare transfixed hanging on every word of the developers and proponents of the towers, nodding their agreement like the bobblehead dog in the back window of my grandmother’s Chevy.

We all know about the inadequate process of changing the town bylaws to allow this in the first place, all the corporate teasers the town has been promised in the form of tax dollars to be paid, and big money land lease deals to land owners who provide the sites. I’m sure other deals are in the works here, but my point is this – town officials should not be demonstrating bias on this issue. In light of growing dissent and the legitimate concerns of town folks, anything less than an unbiased approach to this issue should give us all pause to question who they work for and whose side they are really on.