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Study shows turbines impact sleep

A study at the University of Waterloo has found the noise generated by wind turbines does in fact cause sleep disturbance.

Of the 4,876 surveys sent out to homeowners across Ontario only 396 were returned. Researches studied the relationship between how close a person lived to a turbine and the quality of their sleep. Surveys revealed the closer a person lived to a turbine, the more issues they had with tinnitus and vertigo.

“The findings are really not news to anyone unfortunate enough to live near wind turbines and be impacted by them. These are the types of things we’ve been telling people for many years,” says Spokesperson for the Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Monica Elms. “The evidence just can’t be ignored anymore and our government really needs to do something to properly protect people who are in this situation.”

Researchers recommend future studies should focus on the impacts wind turbine noise has on inner ear problems.