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State found violations of noise regulations

Sean Gonsalves’ latest attempt to support his wind industry friends at the expense of 50 or more affected Falmouth families in my neighborhood is nothing short of disgraceful. He tries to tell us that the ill health and sleep deprivation reported by folks living within 2,000 feet from three industrial wind turbines is psychological.

Yes, the power of suggestion does influence people to imagine things, and yes, the “nocebo effect” does exist. But the study he cites concludes: “Results suggest psychological expectations could explain the link between wind turbine exposure and health complaints.” His willingness to dismiss the widespread complaints filed in Falmouth, and many communities across the world, based on such weak findings that can only be categorized as suggestions, is simply disgraceful.

His column conveniently leaves out the fact that the state Department of Environmental Protection found violations of the state’s noise pollution regulations coming from one wind turbine. The Blacksmith Shop Road neighborhood is being exposed to more than 20 decibels of noise above normal. This is twice as loud as the law allows.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding Wind Turbine Syndrome, there is more than enough evidence for the Board of Health to find the wind turbines a health hazard.

Malcolm Donald