October 29, 2013
Letters, New Hampshire

10 reasons why we are now all for wind farms on our mountains

The Laconia Daily Sun | 29 October 2013 | www.laconiadailysun.com

We were originally against adding more wind farms to NH’s skylines. Living in Plymouth, we see the mammoth towers every time we drive down Tenney Mountain Highway. But after listening to all of the pros and cons, we’ve changed our opinion. So here are the 10 reasons why we no longer oppose adding more wind farms to the mountains of N.H.

1. NH’s property taxes are altogether too high. Reducing property values will result in lower property taxes for all of us. The view tax will never return.

2. Since the Old Man fell off the mountain N.H. has needed a new state symbol. Why not a windmill? If it’s good enough for Holland it should be good enough for us. How about ” The New Windmills of the Mountains”.

3. It’s the patriotic thing to do. Massachusetts needs the energy. It’s the least we can do for our neighbor to the south. The southern part of N.H. has already become “New Hampshire-chusetts.”

4. Think of all the money the state will save by not having to maintain existing or build any new scenic overlooks.

5. Reducing N.H. tourist traffic is a good thing. We never did like the flatlanders invading our state, even though their dollars weren’t all that bad.

6. Eagles, owls, hawks and other bird are really quite a tasty dish and they are readily available from “windmill roadkill”.

7. Windmills also kill bats, but we don’t like bats, we never did like bats, we never will like bats.

8. Why hike up a N.H. mountain when you can drive up on a wind farm access road – in an 18 wheeler.

9. If you prefer to hike up the mountain, just don’t forget to bring your noise-canceling headphones. After all they are neither heavy nor cumbersome.

10. The scenic beauty of N.H.’s mountains can still be captured by creative photographers. Remember, Photoshop is always an option.

As the old proverb says: “There’s no great loss without some gain.”

Art & Sylvia Cote

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