October 20, 2013

Residents fear North Thoresby wind farm will impact house prices

Grimsby Telegraph | October 19, 2013 | www.thisisgrimsby.co.uk

Residents claim plans for a £16-million wind farm in North Thoresby would impact on house prices in the village.

A consultation was held at the Village Hall by WED Renewables to gauge villagers’ reactions to the scheme before submitting a planning application to North East Lincolnshire Council.

Despite the company offering to put £50,000 into the local community each year to compensate for any disturbance, residents are strongly opposed to the plans.

Joyce Erswell, who has lived in North Thoresby for 25 years, has posted flyers through the doors of each home in the village to let people know about the scheme.

She said: “In the end, North Thoresby and the surrounding villages will be surrounded by these wind farms.

“They’re going to reduce the value of our homes. Who will want to buy them when they overlook corridors of turbines?

“I can’t see how there is any point in such a small wind farm here when the Chinese are building huge coal-fired power stations.”

The scheme would see four turbines, measuring 125 metres to the blade tip, built on Damwells Farm, which lies just south of the village off the A16.

Resident Margaret Moor, who has lived in the village for 16 years, added: “The company is offering to put £50,000 a year into the area but that’s just them trying to buy us.

“Nobody wants a wind farm here and the turbines are taller than in other areas because they need to be able to reach the winds coming over the Wolds.”

Resident of 63 years, Bill Toyn, a semi-retired electrical engineer, is against any wind farms being built on land.

He added: “I’ve no problem with wind farms being built offshore where the winds are stronger, but on land they are the biggest con being inflicted on us as a nation.

“Our houses are going to be spoilt and I will be very sorry if they are built and the value of my house goes down.”

Travelling from his home in Yarburgh to attend the consultation was Andrew McLaren. He said: “We had turbines built in our village without any consultation and I want to stop other people being subjected to the same thing.

“The photo montages the company has created to show how the turbines will look are totally misleading. They will look far bigger.”

To have your say on the plans, visit www.damwellsfarm.co.uk

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