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Wind energy jargon is deceptive

I must respond to the wind article in Sunday’s paper Oct 6, because people need to be educated about some deceptive language used by this industry.

For instance, the article said, “It amounts to more electricity generation capacity than the entire countries of Australia and Saudi Arabia.” The key word is capacity because this is an imaginary number and not at all realistic. In fact, for 2011-12 Ohio wind farms only generated electricity at 27 percent of their capacity and, nationally, the number averages below 40 percent.

Ohio isn’t even listed in the top 10 states for good wind potential by the NREL. Its energy is not reliable or dispatchable when we need it the most, so it will never replace traditional fuels, yet we give them massive tax subsidies, tax abatements, and let them destroy our land, property values and quality of life.

How many business owners do you know that would continue to survive if they only produced 27 percent of what they claimed? None, unless they are receiving government handouts. Kind of makes your subtitle “NONPROFIT renewable energy tour hits Van Wert” seem ironically funny.

— Dawn Davis, Spencerville