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County silencing voice of the people

Our nation’s founding principle is “We the People” are the government. We elect officials to work for us, not dictate to us. It’s the basic right of “The People” to express our will to elected officials. It’s their duty to listen and carry out our will. When someone forces their will against your permission, is this not a bully?

Our county officials signed an agreement with E.ON without our knowledge May 22, 2012. We learned of it April 2013. Once we were aware of their underhanded dealings, we packed every meeting making it quite plain we don’t want industrial wind complexes around our farms and rural homes! Why is an industrial complex being permitted where its zoned agricultural? Meetings are during the day when most can’t come. Never once was a meeting scheduled when the majority could express their opinion on this large, intrusive project. Recently all commissioners and councilmen signed a second agreement with E.ON.

They’re sentencing us to a greatly reduced quality of life, endangering our well-being, taking away investments in our homes and businesses for a couple million dollars total paid to them over 11 years while destroying our infrastructure. This will financially burden every citizen in Howard County. This has to be stopped.

Leelia Cornell